Video Intercom Dubai

Maintenance-UAE offers innovative video phone systems from top makers of the world. Our video telephonic systems offer a high level of security and convenience. We are supplying video phone intercom systems to residences, offices, malls, hospitals, hotels, and institutions. Our experience in installing video telecoms spans over many years. Our team of technicians offers efficient integration of video phones with smart devices like smartcard and smartphones.

Intercoms are enabling internal communications for many years. The devices are widely popular in commercial as well as residential buildings. Visual phone systems are advanced intercom systems that enable physical verification. Users can identify the person they are communicating with through video door phone systems.

Video Intercom System Suppliers Dubai

Video intercom system involves a unit with a screen to view the image of the person at the other end. The inbuilt mouthpiece and cameras allow the user to speak with the other person from the internal remote point.

Video Intercom Dubai supplied by Maintenance-UAE enhances security and enables communication. The systems are utilized as security and communication systems in flats, offices, and organizations. It is easier to know who is on the other side and you can ensure overall safety before answering the doors.

How Video Phone Works

The video phones can be connected with multiple monitors at the desired location inside the premises. The camera is installed at the outside of the door to capture the image of the visitor. The screen and device inside the home are activated and shows the image of the guest in a fraction of seconds.

The user inside the house gets a clear picture of the scene outside the door. The videophone also allows for two-way communication. In the case of an unknown visitor, the user can communicate with the person without opening the gate. A strong packaging of the camera outside the premises protects the camera.

Video Door Phone Systems Dubai

Video door phone systems are becoming as popular as home security solutions. We are supplying top quality video door phones to residences and offices in Dubai. We install and integrate the systems with remote controls and GSM as required.

Security video phones have unique features and are accessible from anywhere in the house. Users get abundant benefits by installing video phone systems in their homes.

• Remote access to unlock the doors
• Multiple monitors at different points
• Adjustable video phones with night vision
• Strong weatherproof outdoor units
• Flexibility for integrating with other smart devices

With visual door phones, answering the doors is no more a hassle. You can verify the visitor from the monitor installed in your room. The remote control access allows you to unlock the door after verifying the visitor.

Our video door phones are indeed increasing convenience and safety. The phones are also beneficial for people with special needs. People at home do not need to feel insecure about opening the doors even in the middle of the night.

Maintenance-UAE provides premium quality home security systems. The products are designed by the world‛s best security experts. We offer video phone systems from Commax, Panasonic, Sony, Dorma, and others. Our technicians are experts in installing and repairing all makes and models of intercom systems.

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