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Vertical coiling or vertical folding doors are high-speed doorways. These doors are compatible with installations indoors or outdoors. The basic design consists of curtains in cloth, side guides and assembly in the shaft. High-speed doors used for temperatures below freezing point in high-traffic areas, food processing industries and different environmental conditions. These doors are the solution for entering and exiting areas where the temperature levels need to be controlled, such as air-conditioned safe zones, and warehouse temperature variance rooms.

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When we are on a maintenance contract, we inspect and service the Levelers dock to avoid any untimely problems. Our scheduled visits will ensure the safety and smooth operation of your company for the long-term benefit.

Our dedicated team of technicians conduct a comprehensive inspection, general maintenance, urgent repairs, and loading equipment contract servicing. Our customers benefit from the most competitive rates, time-bound services and skilled approach from all of our team. The solutions to any assigned repair work are provided for your company's high results.

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Maintenance UAE is a diverse company which focuses exclusively on repair services. We are in a position to fix and service dock levellers of any sort and make. We are also specialists in servicing levellers at the hydraulic dock. Our qualified mechanics are able to determine the defective Levelers' cause. The repair work ranges from small to restore and build. We perform simple hydraulic repairs of hoses, lips, rams, control panels and other sections. We have very cheap solutions for any harm to your Levelers loading dock. For prompt attention, we send our technicians to your premises.

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The Maintenance-UAE is set up to provide affordable home maintenance and repair work in UAE. In Sharjah, Dubai, Abudabhi, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and other locations across the country, we provide automatic door repair works and fast handyman services. Our High-Speed Door Repair Dubai is committed to serving residential and business premises. Our main strengths are the skilled, trained staff, competitive prices and high-quality jobs. All our tasks are done with great craftsmanship and technological knowledge to guarantee customer loyalty at 100 per cent. If you want excellence in complex and minor house repair jobs, we have the best solutions for you.

Garage Doors Repair & Maintenance

Maintenance UAE is perfect for you if you need reliable, professional services delivered by trained and skilled engineers, with quick response times, quality focus and excellent customer care. Specializing in fixing and High-Speed Door Installation Dubai a whole range of Garage doors, the Maintenance UAE team will assist with all the door makings. Swinging, flipping, folding and manual, our team has the skills and experience to support any form of repair, install, update or operation. The Door is, after all, the very first physical experience your customers and customers have with your company.

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