Garage Door Maintenance Al Muraqqabat

Maintenance plays an important role in shelf life and performance of any equipment. Garage doors are no exception to this. Maintenance also helps in detecting and fixing any major and minor issues with the doors. If you are looking for affordable maintenance from professional garage door dealer, call Maintenance-UAE in Al Muraqqabat.

Maintenance-UAE is a recognized installer and repair of automatic and manual garage doors. Our friendly maintenance packages give a lot of value to our customers. Customers can get uninterrupted efficiency from the doors without huge expenses of frequent repairs and replacement. Regular check-ups, cleaning, and lubricating keep the door parts smooth and up to the date.

Door Maintenance and Repair Services Al Muraqqabat

We provide effective Garage Door Maintenance Al Muraqqabat for seamless performance of the units and parts. We follow a well-planned maintenance program to keep the unit free from frequent repairs.

What We Do

1. Visual Inspection

We carry out physical inspection of the unit and all parts including sliders, door springs, cables, pulleys, and locks. Any problem detected is solved reported and solved satisfactorily.

2. Door Balancing

Adjusting the balance of the doors is the most common problems. Balance and adjustment of the doors are periodically tested.

3. Door Openers

If you have door openers, the synchronization is checked. Re-programming is done as needed. Clickers are checked and replaced if required.

4. Reversal Test

The opener is checked for the safety reversal system. We replace the opener if the reversal feature shows the issue. We also check the doors for force setting test.

5. Repair Work and Additional Safety

During the course of maintenance, we do a repair any minor and major faults. We attend to upgradation requirements and additional safety needs. We track alterations in safety standards and install safety devices accordingly.

Why Maintenance of Garage Doors is Important

A poorly maintained and faulty garage doors may cause safety hazards for the users. A malfunctioning door also causes a threat to the possessions in the garage. Damaged doors may fall any time and hence require early repair. The best way to extend the shelf life of the doors is to get regular servicing. Certain factors like lubrication, quick diagnosis of faults, and immediate repair impact the life of the doors.

Maintenance-UAE offers attractive annual contract packages. Our technician detects any fault for timely repair and replacement. This avoids major technical issues and sudden breakdowns in future. Maintaining adds value to the door system. It also avoids huge expenses like replacement due to sudden breakdown. Our experienced technicians help in smooth functioning of the doors which impacts the overall life of the unit in the long run.

Our maintenance team regularly visits the premises and give satisfactory services. With the aim of making it worthwhile, we keep our maintenance contract rates most competitive. Users do not need to take the stress of maintaining the doors and calling us. Our team will visit regularly for inspection and check-ups. Apart from regular visits, we also provide all the repair requirements. Our 24x7 emergency repair services keep you in complete peace of mind. We maintain all types of garage doors including sliding doors, sectional doors, folding, swing doors, and rolling shutters.

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