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We have low-cost cold storage facilities that are up to 40 percent cheaper than typical cold rooms. Energy use is also up to 50 percent lower than ordinary cold rooms, depending on the city's electricity charges.

• For all applications that need a temperature above 0 ° C, you can use it.
• This will save you nearly 40-50 percent of your initial cold-store investment.
• Compared to traditional cooling systems, our AC units only use very little electric power. Based on your country, this saves up to 40 percent on power bills.
• A large amount of routine maintenance is needed by normal cooling systems, costing a significant amount. Similar to a regular home AC unit, our systems are completely maintenance-free.
• They can also operate on generators, as these are small single-phase AC units. But you don't need an industrial link for electricity. You should mount it in your house 's backyard.
• Conventional chiller units require vast areas of space and ventilation. Our units, however, are small, and so even tiny restaurants can have their own cold store.
• We supply modular panels for cold rooms, which are easy to assemble.
• It usually takes a number of skilled technicians to instal chiller systems. Our units can be mounted by any regular technician.
• Along with the electronic circuitry, we have a 2-year guarantee for the AC modules.
• The mobile cold rooms and truck cold rooms can also be used either with a converter or with a generator.
• Over the past 10 years, we have already built over 45000 cold rooms around the world.
• Compared to traditional cold rooms, these low-cost cold stores use much less resources, so these are perfect options for a greener environment.

Cold Room Speed Door

To ensure optimum longevity and meet food safety requirements, meat requires strict temperature regulation. The optimal temperature for preservation of fresh meat and fish packed in a vacuum is -2C. But the temperature needs to be lower at -5C to mature meat. Again, at -18C or below, frozen meat needs to be processed. So, there is a need to maintain various temperature zones. Cold room storage often needs to allow good air circulation around the produce for cold-rooms-vacker.

• Since they sell for their cost plus installation, conventional walk-in cooler refrigeration systems mean spending big money.
• In addition, they use a 'brute-force' cooling strategy: plenty of coolant (which is environmentally toxic), a powerful engine, a powerful surface area, and many fans (which can dry out your vegetables and raise your energy bills as well).
• Using only an A / C unit is not feasible. Next, they can't go below 60 ° F.
• The lack of extra fans and the surface area built into conventional walk-in cooler compressor systems that dissipate the cold without freezing the unit's fins drives this restriction at 60 ° F vs.
• A conventional walk-in cooler refrigeration device. Intelligently, the proprietary technology regulates the A / C.
• The system lets the compressor of your air conditioner work in such a way that it cools the room to 36 ° F without ever freezing, using several sensors, a heating element, and a programmed microcontroller.

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This means you need enough room for storage. For large carcasses, hanging rails provide the required air circulation. Fresh meat, like chilled foods, vegetables and fruits, often needs to be kept away from other items. Even if much of your stored meat is frozen, both to ensure consistency and protection, it needs to be thawed out before using it in a gradual, regulated way. We offer cold storage at Vacker Global for all kinds of meat. We have a variety of commercial stores, whether it's our meat rail cold stores, cold rooms or our blast freezer ranges.

At colder temperatures and typically for a longer time than those provided by its refrigerated form, a walk-in freezer offers bulk cold storage options. For restaurants , grocery stores, and other food service companies, walk-in freezers are common. They are perfect for operations that obtain frozen ingredients in single deliveries worth as much as several weeks.

Cold Room Speed Door Dubai

For bulk foods, they add storage space. In the food industry, a walk-in freezer is important because it protects your cash in stock, preserving food for your customers safely. Walk-in freezer units can be found that come as a plain storage box and those that arrive with an external cooling device already attached to the box itself. We sell units built with state-of-the-art equipment and propelled engineering at Vacker Global. With major advantages over traditional cold rooms, we deliver a wide range of revolutionary, sophisticated walk-in cold rooms.

It is essential to store medicines that are sensitive to temperature and vaccines are suitable. For the storage of pharmaceutical goods, correct refrigeration that offers high enough safety standards is important. In addition , to ensure the proper temperature range is preserved, vaccines and other refrigerated drugs must be transported in an acceptable manner.

Cold Room High Speed Door Dubai

Vaccines are especially vulnerable to temperature fluctuations, and if they get too hot or too cold, they will easily lose their effectiveness. Vaccines biodegrade naturally over time and can speed up an inevitable loss of potency by storing them outside the recommended temperature range. The consequence may be that the vaccine no longer acts on a patient which may consequence in expensive vaccine waste or, worse, fatality. The cold chain is the industry standard for vaccines to be delivered and processed.

Modular cold rooms consist of individual panels that lead to an energy-efficient cold room that maintains an acceptable temperature. Vacker Global provides versatile cold rooms to suit any climate, offering customizable solutions. Our modular refrigeration rooms are easy, functional and affordable. An integrated family of sandwich panels built to keep the panel configuration to a minimum is our modular cold room series.

So, we provide our customers with fast and full design possibilities for a cold room assembly with a minimum number of panels needed on the site. It is easy to assemble all items from the modular range without the need for special aids. Similarly, they can be dismantled quickly in order to shift or enlarge them. Our modular cold storage rooms are designed to accommodate the requirements of our customers.

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