Perforated Shutters Dubai

All You Need To Know About Perforated Shutters

The Perforated roller shutters offer a cost-effective way to close large or small door openings securely. Such shutters with holes in the perforation provide limited illumination and air ventilation.

Air Flow is suitable for garages, multi-store vehicles. The flexibility of the Air Flow roller shutter is another excellent benefit.

Our transparent roller shutters are entirely closed and provide maximum burglary resistant protection for all wall openings. An overall view over the protected area is provided by an open roller shutter and composed of crystalline (much more durable than steel) polycarbonate panels with solid aluminium profiles. The style is friendly, elegant, and therefore blends in with any architecture. Polycarbonate does not fade thanks to the UV-resistant coating so that our transparent shutters will remain unhindered for many years to come. The shutter system, due to the construction of individual panels, is quick, easy, and economical to repair in the event of damage.

Suitable For Every Location

Roller shutter doors are ideal for locations as different requirements allow them to be adjusted to the environment. They can also be mounted on any available opening. The roller shutters primarily consist of a curtain of slats that interlock and form a continuous hinge over its whole length. This arrangement allows the curtain to roll up or down a spring-laden barrel that is connected to the support brackets of steel. The curtain has a lower rail to fix grips and locking systems. It can be fitted. The curtain also stops the direction or side channels from traveling laterally.

GI / Perforated Roller Blinds

Our GI and perforated shutter with a thickness of 1.2 mm are reliable, rough, and tough. It is only available in motorized option with any colour choice.

Transparent Rolling Shutters / Polycarbonate

Our transparent shutters are designed to provide maximum transparency from the shutters, giving you a secure, unobstructed view. They are ideal for internal use of Sliding and Swing Gates in places like shop entrances, shop arcades, bars, restaurants, or any entry where security vision is needed through a shutter. They are electrically controllable.

Grilled Shutters Dubai

Our grills are designed to give you superb visibility for products displayed through the shutters. These are ideal for storefronts, showrooms, shopping centres, pubs, bars/countertops, etc. They are usually anodized or bronzed to finish.

Polycarbonate shutters Dubai are an excellent way of safeguarding premises such as shop fronts when looking at the backlit side. The most economical way to ensure the closure of large or small openings is to perforated lath roller shutters used extensively in shopping centres and high streets. The shutters are solid, and with little maintenance, they have a long service life. For several prestigious projects in Oman and UAE, our Perforated Slat Roller shutters come with the innovative design and back-up for which it has a reputation.

The single-skin Window Shutters Dubai come in two Steel and Aluminium forms. The roller shutters are made from pre-galvanized scrolled steel or aluminium lath that is interlocked. Each alternating lath is riveted firmly with pressed steel / PVC end lock on either end. Also, the curtain will be completed with a pre-galvanized standard side guide board, 'T' lower section with an EPDM frame. These shutters can be manually operated or controlled. The galvanized, standard RAL powdered finish comes as needed from our customers in all our roller shutters.

These roll-up shutters are commonly used in shopping centres, storehouses, gardens, restaurants, schools, convenience stores, airports, hospitals, and so on. Each of our roller shutters is customer favoured powder-coated.

Steel Perforated Shutters Dubai

Maintenance-UAE perforated roller shutters are designed to provide visibility and air ventilation of up to 40 percent, suitable for advertising products when shops are closed. The Perforated roller shutters offer a cost-effective way to close wide or small door openings securely. These shutters with holes in the perforation provide minimal visibility and air ventilation. Also known as see-through shutters, Polycarbonate Shutters are the most popular in shopping centres.

The Perforated Shutters are made of perforated slates made from 100/75 mm pitch material. The Perforated Shutters are made according to tradition. The majority of shopping malls, showroom in UAE, use Maintenance-UAE Perforated Roller Shutters as we use high-quality steel slates from Europe. These shutters can be operated manually or motorized. Our thru shutters come in galvanized finish or regular RAL powder coated finish as requested by the customer.

Maintenance-UAE's Polycarbonate Window Shutters designed using the latest technologies with high quality transparent, crystal clear, non-breakable polycarbonate connections. The shutter is constructed from interlocking polycarbonate ties and hollow tubes or flat bars made from aluminium or steel. Thanks to the UV-resistant coating, the Maintenance-UAE polycarbonate connections will not fade, and our transparent roller shutters will have an unhindered view for long years.

The Sliding and Swing Gates Dubai bar supplied rubber with weather seal to avoid the dust. The transparent curtain of polycarbonate ensures transparency of 80 percent. Thus these provide the necessary protection and accountability for advertising goods when shops are being closed. The shutter for polycarbonate comes in version Electrical and Manual—such as shutter applications, are-shopping malls, hypermarkets, jewelry stores, etc.

Grill Roller Shutters With Best Quality Finish

Maintenance-UAE Security Systems LLC is well known for providing high-security solutions. The safety grill roller shutters are designed to guarantee a perfect balance of safety, visibility, and ventilation. Roller grilles are light but sturdy and allow air circulation while ideal to create a pleasant external barrier. The grill shutters are designed to offer an entrepreneurial look. Such grill shutters are made from flat bar and round tubes with aluminium interlocking. These aluminium bars & metal rods (aluminium or steel) that give total security to the shutter strength.

The motorized and manual version of the Grill roller shutter doors is available. Safety grill shutters are built to fit all openings and are available to meet the needs of customers in various finishes. Indoors and outdoors, including parking lots, parking facilities, stairs, garage, terraces/terraces and outdoor kitchens, are also suitable for use with roller grills.


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