Gate Maintenance Dubai

If you have installed gates in your premises, contact us for a preventive maintenance program. Our Gate Maintenance Dubai services cover monthly or quarterly check-ups of the gates. We also maintain and repair gate motors and gate remote openers. Our customers are spread across Dubai among residential and commercial buildings.

During the preventive maintenance, our technicians detect any issue before it is too late. Apart from avoiding major breakages, our maintenance helps in increasing the shelf life of the gates. We have extensive knowledge of all types of gates and its components. We maintain sliding gates, folding gates, and all other types of gates. We replace the damaged parts of the gates to keep the gate systems up to the date. Our large inventory of parts enables us to provide quick repair works during the maintenance.

Gate Maintenance and Repair Works Dubai

Gates are strong providing strong protection to the premises. Your bungalows, garages, campuses, and industrial parks are protected with small or large gates. Gates wonderfully block unauthorized access. However, the gates are exposed directly to the harsh weather impacts and rodent infestations.

Types of gates we repair-

• Sliding gates
• Parking barriers
• Parking gates
• Folding gates
• Swing Gates
• Turnstile Gates
• Automatic gate barriers

Continuous exposure to dust, winds, moisture, and pests may result in damage. Our preventive maintenance program keeps your gates protected from major damages. We ensure that the gate operation remains smooth. We help in reprogramming the remote gate openers and in replacing the openers whenever required. Our trained technician inspects the gate and ensures smooth functioning of the gates to keep your premises protected. Improper functioning of the gates can cause problems in closing and opening of the gate. It can cause lots of hassles in your hectic life when you are in a hurry to close or open the gate.

Gate Maintenance Services Dubai

Our basic gate maintenance services help in detecting major issues well before they cause any damage. Hire us for efficient troubleshooting and maintenance of gates, barriers, and garage doors. We have in-depth understanding of the gate components, hardware, and advanced security integrations.

1. Inspection of the gate and all the components
2. Adjusting improper stops, linkage, bolts, chains, and tracks
3. Inspect and repair receivers, loops, locks, safety edges, keypads, and other safety equipment
4. Check the gearboxes and chains
5. Lubricate the rollers and hinges
6. Recommend repair and replacement if needed

We offer affordable monthly or quarterly Gate Maintenance Dubai services to various units. We are providing services to bungalows, garages, parking lots, industrial parks, warehouses, storages, institutes, and shopping malls.

Our transparent quotes and accurate services help owners to keep their gates smooth throughout its life span. There are no sudden breakages of the unit when it is maintained properly by our team. Our technicians visit the premises as per the fixed maintenance schedule. Regular servicing of the gates is important to ensure smooth flow of traffic and security of your premises. Your open spaces, gardens, garages, and campuses are strongly protected by the gates. We provide repair and maintenance services for all types of gates.

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