Garage Door Installations in Dubai

Maintenance-UAE is a professional door expert with valuable industry experience. We are dealing with all the aspects of door systems. Customers approach us for services ranging from consultation to installation and maintenance. Having profound knowledge of all types of garage doors and their functioning, we are able to help garage owners.

Dubai is an economical and cultural hub city with lots of industries as well as residential properties. Whether it is about a small residential garage or a big commercial space; we provide the right solutions for all varied needs. When it comes to garage doors; different factors like size, space, and surroundings matter. Apart from these, personal choice and functional needs of the customers also matter a lot. We consider all these factors and fulfil every requirement with the right kind of product.

Products and Services

Buying a garage door is a challenging task. It requires knowledge of different doors and their suitability with space and needs. Modern doors also carry automated features for added safety and comfort. Our wide-ranging services make us one of the best Garage Door Installations in Dubai.

• Expert consultation
• Selection and supply
• Installation
• Repair works
• Replacements
• Maintenance
• Door automation and upgradation
• Remote opener related services

No matter whatever service you need pertaining to door and door accessories; you just need to name it. Maintenance-UAE is a team of expert professionals with great knowledge of garage door systems of every brand and model.

Garage Doors We Offer

There is no limit to the kind of doors we offer. We have every style from every make and model. The doors are available in different styles made from different materials. Different garage doors are wooden doors, aluminium, fibreglass, and composite doors.

Types of garage doors-

• Sectional Doors Dubai
• Sliding Doors Dubai
• Collapsible Doors Dubai
• Folding and Bi-Folding Doors Dubai
• Rolling Shutters Dubai
• Fire Rated Doors Dubai

The high features of the doors we offer have longer durability and great security features. Depending upon individual needs, we also offer fire rated doors for extended fire safety in congested commercial complexes.

Why Choose Us

Maintenance-UAE holds profound knowledge and rich experience in serving residential, commercial, and industrial garage owners in Dubai. Being a native company, we know what kind of door or door material is suitable for your location and surroundings.

Experienced Dealers

With our vast knowledge, we make sure our customer's benefit and achieve optimum value out of their investment. Garage doors are important for the security and safety of expensive possessions. Knowing this, we provide the best consultation, automation, and repair services.

Faster and Affordable

To fulfil urgent repair needs, we have developed 24 hours of emergency repair services. Our team of technicians work round the clock to make sure the doors are functioning all the time. Our affordable installation and services charges make life easier for the customers.

We understand every detail of the systems and its accessories. We are the best place to get all the solutions for your requirement of the garage door and door solutions. The products exhibit advanced engineering technology and safety features. Choosing us gives you a reliable partner to install and maintain your garage doors.

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