Electric Garage Doors in Dubai

Maintenance-UAE offers accurate installation and repair services for electric garage doors. Our trained technicians are helping owners to keep their doors up to the mark. If you are looking for professional and affordable repair services, call us and experience best services. We repair rollers, sliding doors, and folding doors and door motors.

A garage door may show issues like defaulting sensor, rail alignment, unusual noise, etc. From simple alignment issues to complex problems; we set everything alright. As you leave your home or arrive home, electric garage door gives you a comfortable drive right into the garage. With modern opening systems, you do not need to leave your cars. To enjoy all the advantages of smart garage doors, one needs to get quick repair and maintenance.

Garage Door Repair Services

Any kind of repair and replacement should be attended promptly. Likewise any other equipment, shelf life of the door systems will suffer if they are not maintained properly. Fixing issues and faulty parts is an integral part of maintenance.

Our Electric Garage Doors in Dubai services -

1. Motor repair and replacement
2. Unusual noise problem
3. Jamming issues
4. Track alignment issues
5. Cable issues
6. Issues with opening devices or openers
7. Damaged or broken locks
8. Improper opening and closure
9. Battery transmitter
10. Spring and switches
11. Openers and clickers
12. Unit replacement
13. Automation and re-programming openers

Since we are also dealing with supply and installation, we know ins and outs of every make and model. We tactfully fix the issues in a way that it does not cause any trouble in near future. All our repair works are done by experienced technicians and guarantee high sustainability.

24x7 Repair Services of Automatic Doors

Electric doors comprise many parts and accessories. The door is made of brackets, sections, hangers, extension springs, torsion springs, photo eyes, motors, and other parts. Damage or fault with any part may hamper smooth functioning of the doors.

Any damaged part also needs to be replaced carefully. Immediate repair works are important and impact the shelf life of the door systems. Understanding the hectic schedules of modern life, we have developed 24x7 emergency repair services too.

We depute our technicians to your premises with all necessary tools to repair the doors at any hour. With us, you do not need to worry about irrational services charges and unnecessary replacements. We provide services with complete honesty and transparency. We stay true to the solution and try to keep the things as fair and reasonable as possible for our customers. With our immediate services, you do not need to compromise on your security and convenience. Our technicians intimate the issue to the customers and bring most plausible solution.

Any replacement required is first informed to the owner and discussed in detail. The parts used for replacement are of premium quality and perfectly compatible with the system. Getting repair work from unprofessional random mechanic may harm the security solutions. Call Maintenance-UAE for careful and professional repair of all types of Electric Garage Doors in Dubai.

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